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Basement Waterproofing in Wichita

A basement is an extension of your foundation. That means that it is important to maintain the basement walls. If you notice that your basement is leaking, it can prove to be major threat to your foundation. Leaking basements are not uncommon. Normal seepage or foundation settlement are factors that can lead to a wet basement. There are steps you can take to start waterproofing your basement.

There are several ways to resolve the issue of a leaking basement. It could be as simple as filling a crack or it could require a full excavation of your walls.

Our team of waterproofing professionals can provide the right solution to eliminate your moisture problem, whether it's happening in your basement, in a crawlspace, or a lower level in your home. We can even come take a look at your basement if you would like a professional opinion.

Is It Possible to Waterproof a Basement from the Inside?

Yes, it's possible to implement waterproofing on the inside of a basement. Installing a perimeter French drain and a sump pump is the best interior method for waterproofing. Sealing wall cracks with epoxy is another method for keeping water out. Generally, it's a good idea to incorporate both interior and exterior waterproofing to gain the best protection for a basement.

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Waterproofing your basement protects it from damage. These techniques involve stopping water before it can penetrate into the basement. Merely stopping the water from entering the basement could cause other issues; it can cause damage to your walls. Hydrostatic pressure can build up and cause walls to start moving inwards. To combat this you can add a drainage system to get rid of any water before pressure can build up.

Water management might be the solution for you. This method allows water to flow through the walls where it is captured by a closed loop system. The water is then pumped out and away from your home. Using this method eliminates large excavation, reduces repair time, and cuts down on cost.

Water damage on basement walls‚Äč

SIGNS OF Moisture in the Basement

Because of its location beneath your home adjacent to surrounding underground soil, the basement is naturally more humid than other areas. Moisture seeps through the walls into the basement, creating an environment ripe for mold growth. So if you notice musty air, leaking water through basement walls, water condensation, or mold growth, it’s best to act quickly. First, the moisture will need to be removed. Then the basement will need water protection methods to prevent recurrence of moisture buildup.

  • Mold
  • Heavy musty smell
  • Standing water
  • Damp walls
  • Wood rot

If you see any signs of leakage in your basement, or notice any other foundation problem feel free to contact Ram Jack Wichita.


  • Wall and floor joints – Water can build up pressure and penetrate the floor wall joint under the footings.
  • Floor Cracks – These cracks are caused by expansion and contraction of concrete. Water can also escape from the subfloor area through these cracks.
  • Wall Cracks and pipe penetration
  • Basement windows
  • Bulkhead doors
  • Water over foundation

Excess Moisture Can Lead to Mold Growth

Moisture in the basement can lead to mold growth. While most types of mold are relatively benign to humans, there are a few problematic mold strains that pose health risks. These dangerous strains can cause asthma and other lung issues, skin problems, and eye irritation.

Without extensive training, it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between harmful and harmless mold, so the best thing to do is prevent mold growth altogether. The first step is taking precautions in areas where moist environments form, such as a basement. That’s why basement waterproofing it is so important.


Not only will basement waterproofing protect you home from foundation damage, it will prevent mold growth to protect your health. While there are numerous methods to prevent water from entering the basement, Ram Jack Wichita prefers to use “water management” due to its superiority in both limiting moisture while simultaneously protecting the foundation of your home.

Rather than stop water from entering the walls, which may cause unwanted pressure to build up on the foundation, Ram Jack Wichita uses a closed loop system that pumps moisture out of the basement. It’s the perfect solution!

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