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Steel Pier Foundation Repair in Wichita

Foundation Solutions from American-Made Steel

At Ram Jack Wichita, we strive to provide homeowners with professional, reliable services. We know that your home is important to you. Using our industry-leading foundation support tools, we can repair your home and leave it in top condition.

While other foundation repair companies may resort to using concrete for foundation repairs, we here at Ram Jack Wichita use American-made steel products. These steel products have advantages over concrete. While concrete takes time to dry, it is also susceptible to shifting. Our patented steel piles go deep beneath the shifting soil to load-bearing strata. Once our piles are bracketed to the foundation, they are tested with more force than is necessary to make sure they can withstand the weight. Installing our piles have minimal impact on your environment and are designed for an efficient solution. These piles can withstand up to 70,000 pounds of driving force.

To learn more about our steel pier foundation repair methods in Wichita, call us today at (316) 251-9967.

Offering Helical Piles & Driven Piles

Since each foundation problem is different, Ram Jack Wichita offers two types of steel pilings.

Helical Piles– Connected steel pipes with helices on the lower end. The helices allow the pile to be twisted into the ground. They can be installed without having to react against a structure. They can be installed in almost any weather condition and in tight spaces.

Driven Piles– Connected steel pipes that are driven into the ground. They are driven to reach bedrock or a load-bearing strata. This pile provides strong support that will not shift because of the soil conditions.


We here at Ram Jack take foundation repair seriously. Being a part of a franchise that has locations across the country, we have developed the top tools resolve foundation issues.

We offer:

  • 40+ Years of experience
  • 20+ Patents
  • Different financing options
  • A national warranty trust
  • A lifetime limited transferable warranty
  • Highly trained, professional employees
  • 100% American-made steel

If you are in need of a repair or just want to learn more about Ram Jack Wichita, feel free to contact us today at (316) 251-9967.