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Wichita, Kansas Mudjacking

How Mudjacking Levels Concrete

Mudjacking (also known as slabjacking) is a term used to describe a grout-based leveling method that entails injecting a soil-based grout under slabs before repairing or laying concrete. Concrete slab deals with the same soil settling problems that bring challenges to home foundations. Once the soil settles, the pockets underneath the surface slab can cause the concrete to sink or crack due to insufficient support. By injecting grout to fill these pockets, the concrete slab will regain stability and return to its proper level.

A cracked and/or uneven slab can be hazardous, causing all sorts of accidents and nuisances. At Ram Jack Kansas, our technicians can perform concrete lifting in Wichita for:

  • Residential infrastructures – Evening the concrete slab of driveways, garage floors, basements, walkways, and porches.
  • Commercial infrastructures – Evening the concrete slab of landings, ramps, warehouses, and courtyards.
  • Public infrastructures – Sidewalks, paved streets, curbs, and public parks.

The mudjacking process is affordable and requires just five easy steps:

  1. We drill holes into the slab.
  2. We pump eco-friendly grout into & under the slab.
  3. We fill the grout until the slab is lifted into its proper position.
  4. We let the grout dry and harden.
  5. We patch up the hole.

The Many Benefits of Mudjacking

Lifting slab via mudjacking has several advantages. The entire leveling procedure is fast and usually finished in a single day. By avoiding the hassle of pouring new concrete, you can bypass the long process of waiting for the surface to dry. However, some projects, such as repairing an entire sidewalk with multiple slab pieces, may take longer.

Mudjacking also tends to be much more cost-effective than drilling an entire piece of concrete slab and re-pouring concrete. By avoiding the labor of demolishing concrete slabs, and the costs of hauling away heavy concrete, you can save quite a lot of money. Finally, it is minimally invasive and you will not need to worry about landscaping everything again. Removing uneven concrete slabs to start over entirely usually requires digging deep, thereby damaging the surrounding landscape. At Ram Jack Kansas, our expert mudjacking process means you can get your concrete leveled without making a mess!

Learn more about our mudjacking services in Wichita by calling (316) 251-9967 or requesting an appointment online today!