Warning Signs of Foundation Failure


Foundations are meant to be strong. But when seasonal changes, extreme weather, and many other factors come along, that building block supporting your house is threatened. Without a solid foundation, your house can suffer tremendously and lead to costly, extensive and sometimes impossible repairs. Problems that seem sudden and unexpected can be symptoms of a larger, more imminent threat, and if unaddressed they can become much more severe. As a home or business owner, it’s important to know the differences between minor, cosmetic damages and potentially dangerous signs of foundation failure.

The Problem

At Ram Jack, we are never satisfied with less than optimal. Our patented system is made from American steel; each of our piles can withstand up to 70,000 pounds of driving force, and because we use steel instead of concrete, our piles go deep beneath the shifting soil to a load bearing strata. Because each situation is different, we offer two types of steel piling services for foundation repair, and both are backed by Ram Jack’s transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Helical Piles

Helical piles are connected steel pipes with helices or spiral blades on the lower ends. The spirals allow the piles to be twisted into the ground using a torque driving motor and because of their design, helical piles can be installed without having to react against a structure. They also can be installed with little machinery, under most any weather circumstance, and in tight spaces. Helical piles are ideal for many jobs such as tilt, retaining and basement walls, porches, pier & beam houses and many others.

Different Wichita Foundation Repair Wichita KSDriven Piles

Driven piles are connected, epoxy-coated steel pipes that are driven deep into the ground with a hydraulic dual ram driving head. The piles are driven beneath the “Zone of Influence” until they reach bedrock or a similarly strong support level, and the result is a strong support that will not shift because of soil conditions. Driven piles are installed when the weight of the structure is used to push the piles to a load bearing strata.

The Installation Process – Foundation Repair Wichita, KS

After being driven or twisted to the right depth, both helical and driven piles are braced to the foundation and then tested with more force than is necessary to make sure they can withstand the weight. Hydraulic jacks then raise the foundation to maximum practical recovery and the piles are bolted to the wall to ensure they will support the foundation. Engineer recommended guide-sleeves can also be used to help the piles go in correctly and efficiently.

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

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