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Are you wondering if you might have foundation issues? If so, there are different ways that you can check. While sometimes it may seem like it is a cosmetic issue, it could turn out that it is an even bigger problem. Because the soil beneath us is always shifting and moving, our foundations are susceptible to settlement over time. In some cases this can cause severe foundation damage. There are many things that can cause foundation issues. There are some warning signs of foundation problems that you can look for to see if you are suffering any problems.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Cracks in sheetrock– Since you spend most of your time in your house, sheetrock cracks are very easy to notice. These cracks indicate foundation settlement.

Cracked bricksCracks in brick– Cracks in your brick area a big indicator of foundation settlement. Brick cracks are not cosmetic issues and are a significant concern.

Windows and doors misaligned– Windows and doors that are misaligned are clear indicators that there is foundation settlement. As foundations start to sink, they can pull walls away from the ceiling. This could lead to misalignment and unevenness.

Sloping Floor– While sloping floors seem like the result of aging tile or wood that is not always the case. Uneven floors are a sign that your foundation may be compromised.

Separation from door– If your door is separated from the walls in your home, then there is foundation damage.

Foundation, basement, slab cracks– One of the main things in foundation, basement, and slab cracks is leaking water, It can be years before plumbing leaks are finally detected. By the time they are finally discovered the damage may have already occurred. Over time these leaks can erode the soil that surrounds the foundation and cause settlement.

There are even more foundation problems that you should check for.

If you see that your foundation is experiencing from some of these warning signs or if you have any other questions feel free to contact Ram Jack Wichita. We would be glad to help.