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Is Foundation Repair Needed?

Is Foundation Repair Needed?

January 16, 2013
Author: idsellaine

A house that has cracks inside or outside may have foundation issues that need to be repaired. The cracks can be found in the brick, sheetrock, floorboards, tile, and foundation. Many times gaps can be found between some doors and windows. The damages can also cause problems in the basement including leaning walls and flooding.

The reason for foundation damage is the soil beneath the home. Expansive soil can shrink and swell according to the moisture in the ground. High moisture levels can cause the soil to expand which will heave and lift the home. Some factors that contribute to too much moisture in the soil are plumbing leaks and improper drainage. The opposite can also happen. If there’s not enough moisture in the soil, it will shrink and cause the foundation to settle. Besides wind and heat, another factor that can cause a lack of moisture in the ground is trees. If trees are present close to a home, the roots can extend under the home’s foundation and take in the moisture from the soil.

Why do we need to repair these? If the foundation isn’t repaired, the issues can get worse over time. Repairing the foundation cannot only help with the cracks in the house, but it can also fix doors and windows that no longer close properly. Another reason for foundation repair is the home’s resale value. Since most people end up selling their home at some point, the resale value will be significantly lower if the home has foundation and structural damages. These damages must be disclosed to potential buyers. In the end, no one wants to purchase a home with signs of foundation failure and it is cheaper to repair your homes foundation rather than risk lowering the price substantially to make a sale.