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Case Studies Ram Jack Repairs Condominiums In Bellevue, WA

Whether you own a commercial or residential property, seeing signs of foundation failure can be frightening. When residents at the Innisglen Condominiums started to notice cracks in the sheetrock, along with a list of other issues, the homeowner’s association knew something had to be done. Ram Jack West, with the help of PanGeo Incorporated, put together a repair plan to help remedy the situation and put the condo homeowner’s minds at ease.


Innisglen Homeowner Association hired independent geo-engineer (PanGeo Incorporated) to walk all of their units prior to calling Ram Jack West for the free evaluation. The engineers determined the structure experienced as much as 3 1/2" of settlement. Both units were experiencing sheetrock cracks, unlevel floors, sticking doors, and the exterior fireplaces were pulling away from the side of the units.


42 Helical piles were bid, 38 interior crawlspace helical piles, and 4 exterior helical piles. 22 adjustable post bases were added to the existing footings and support posts to raise the wood floor system of both units.


The crewmen were able to install the 42 piles in 5 days with the home being lifted the following week, on day 6. The condo owners and HOA were satisfied with the lift, resulting in 2 3/4" of recovery. Most all doors were re-squared, and windows that were inoperable prior to the lift became fully functional. The leaning chimney was also lifted to maximum practical recovery and the gap was brought back to the trim around the exterior siding. The crewmen utilized 22 Simpson-strong-tie adjustable post bases to level and support the wood floor system as the foundation was being lifted.