Ram Jack Distribution, LLC

Case Studies

Situation: The plans called for concrete caissons to carry the column loads for a new balcony addition. The steel cages had been delivered to the job site but when the drill rig arrived, it was determined that the space was too tight to be able to utilize the large equipment.

Challenges: Smaller equipment needed to be used because of the tight areas around the pool and next to the building. Another challenge was designing a support system that would carry the required loads. The change in plans was causing a delay that was going to make it difficult to meet the scheduled completion date.

Solution: It was determined that the installation of new construction helical piles was the best option. The equipment required was small enough to fit into the tight spaces. The Ram Jack engineers were able to work with the structural engineers to design a pier system to carry the required loading of the steel support columns.

Conclusion: A total of 13 helical piles were installed with new construction brackets with bearing plates. The reinforcement was placed in the pile cap and attached to these brackets prior to the concrete pile cap being placed. The Ram Jack helical pile system was installed in 3 days and not only solved their problem but was able to put the project back on schedule.

Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2008
Product Scope: New Construction
Product: Helical

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