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Failing Garage Wall Supported

Case Studies

Introduction: Foundation problems can happen to any home. Even the most solid foundations are subject to shifting earth, soil expansion and contraction, and subsurface moisture. Over time, these factors combine to cause damage, which shows up in the form of cracked walls, ill-fitting windows, and sticking doors.

Situation: The homeowner of a lovely residence in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, contacted Ram Jack South Carolina after noticing a growing crack in the brick exterior wall above the corner of his garage. A detailed inspection of the home revealed that the crack was secondary to foundation settlement, which also was causing the door frame for the garage to fracture and separate from the wall.

Proposed Solution: Ram Jack proposed the installation of seven exterior helical piles around the perimeter of the garage. Three piles were to be installed directly under the cracked wall in the soil beneath the front, right edge of the garage. Four piles were to be installed 6 ft. apart on the back wall of the garage, wrapping around the back, right corner of the house. These piles would work together to support the structure and provide maximum practical recovery to the failing wall.

Outcome: Each of the seven piles was installed as proposed, reaching an average depth of 14 ft., providing maximum practical recovery for the structure. After the installation of the helical piles was complete, the once severe separation of the brick was almost completely closed, with only a small crack above the garage still visible. After seeing the finished product, the homeowner signed off on the project, pointing out that Ram Jack South Carolina exceeded his expectations in every category.

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Project Type: Residential
Year: 2014
Product: Helical

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