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Case Studies Door Frame Separation

Introduction: When a Lexington, South Carolina homeowner began to notice some foundation issues with her home, she called a different foundation repair company first. After an unpleasant experience and outrageous bid, her realtor, who was well versed in home repair companies, suggested the homeowner call Ram Jack South Carolina.

Situation: It wasn’t difficult to see why the homeowner needed some help. Her front door frame was significantly separated from the adjacent wall, a symptom of a settling foundation under the surface of the front of her home. After a quick inspection of the property, Ram Jack was ready to get to work.

Proposed Solution: The professional consultant from Ram Jack South Carolina proposed that three driven piles be installed with standard brackets to lift and support the sagging area of the home. The goal was to support the foundation.

Outcome: The crew removed deck boards atop the front patio in order to properly install the piles. In addition, it was necessary to add angle iron to support the failing footers beneath the deck. After placing the angle iron and installing three driven piles to an average depth of 39 ft., the sagging wall was lifted to achieve maximum practical recovery, and the separation between the door and wall was significantly reduced. After all of the hard work, the cosmetic appearance of the home was improved and its structural stability was ensured, putting the customer's mind at ease.

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