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Custom Pool Foundation for The Breakers of Swan Bay

Case Studies

Ram Jack Designs Custom Pool Foundation for The Breakers of Swan Bay

Buchanan, TN

The Breakers of Swan Bay, condos on the Tennessee River, had a community swimming pool installed approximately six years ago. Built on approximately 12 in. of fill material, the pool had settled close to six inches over a six-year period. Poe Engineering contacted Ram Jack Tennessee for help solving this problem.

After losing 1,000 gallons of water per day due to settlement and numerous patches, Ogden Pools involved Poe Engineering in helping design a new foundation for a new swimming pool. Poe contacted Ram Jack Tennessee for help in installing new-construction helical piles prior to the pool foundation being placed.

The current pool was to be demolished and replaced with a new pool. Working with Poe Engineering and Ogden Pools, Ram Jack Tennessee experts determined the ideal solution was to embed (48) 2 7⁄8 in. helical piles into the grade beams around the pool foundation and grade beams on a grid through the middle of the pool area. Additionally, the installation of (29) 2 3⁄8 in. helical piles under the pool deck would use a custom-designed bracket to hold the new plumbing in place.

Ram Jack worked in conjunction with Ogden Pools to complete the construction of the new foundation. Due to heavy rains at the scheduled time of installation, the project had to be completed in two phases. During the first phase, (48) 2 7⁄8 in. helical piles were installed over the course of two days. The second phase was completed two months after phase one and included the installation of the (29) additional 2 3⁄8 in. piles. Mr. Glen Ogden, of Ogden Pools, was grateful for the help to complete his job. Mr. Kevin Poe, of Poe Engineering,
stated, “Job well done.”

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Project Type: Commercial
Year: 2017
Product Scope: New Construction
Product: Helical
Pile Diameter: 2 3/8", 2 7/8"

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