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Case Studies

Puyallup Tribe Housing

PROBLEM In the serene setting of the Puyallup tribal lands, a residential property encountered a pressing issue as its foundation began to show signs of distress. The slab displayed noticeable sloping, accompanied by prominent sheetrock cracks ...
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Permanent Foundation Repair for Westmount at Houston Street

The property managers at Westmount at Houston Street knew they needed a permanent resolution to the issues in the building that houses their clubhouse and main offices.
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Custom-Built Steel Columns

In October of 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the East Coast from New England to South Carolina. The Jersey Shore was hit as hard as anywhere, with some homes submerged in as deep as 6 ft. of water. In the aftermath of the storm, FEMA ..
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Ram Jack Repairs Condominiums In Bellevue, WA

When residents at the Innisglen Condominiums started to notice cracks in the sheetrock, along with a list of other issues, the homeowner’s association knew something had to be done.
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Backyard Deck Saved from Sinking Foundation

Residential Deck Saved with Helical Piles
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Sinking CMU Piers

As much as a homeowner can prepare for a natural disaster, a 1,000 year flood is nearly impossible to foresee or plan for. Due to their extreme nature, even well-built homes are susceptible to such catastrophes. Fortunately, as their name implies, ...
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Chimney Settlement

There’s nothing more relaxing than a warm fire on a cold winter day. The warmth emanating through the room, the soft crackle of the wood, and the shadows dancing on the walls - they all add up to a wonderful winter experience. Situation: The chimney ...
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Settlement During Construction

You might think that foundation settlement is only a problem with older homes. After all, it takes time for the soil under a home to move, which seemingly makes it less probable with newly constructed structures. And while shifting ground may be the ...
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Foundation & Retaining Wall Recovery

Introduction: This classically designed house nestled in the heart of Pelham, Alabama boasts classic brick construction, complete with white shutters surrounding the neatly aligned windows and traditional style columns beneath the front porch. ...
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