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Moving to Higher Ground

Phase 1 - Planning

This house is no stranger to the Mid-Ohio Valley flooding. In September 2004 the house had over four feet of water in the first floor. Due to the considerable amount of work that it takes to recover from a flood emotionally, physically and financially, the owners decided that it was time to consider elevating the house. The owners contacted Moran Construction to discuss their options. Through many conversations and a lot of research an agreement plan was met.

The house measured 70 feet long by 30 foot wide; including a two-stall attached garage. It needed to be raised a minimum of 5 1/2 feet to be out of the flood plain level.

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Phase 2 - Setting up for the Lift

Before the process of lifting the house could begin, several things had to be done. The air conditioner had to be disconnected. The rear and front porches had to be detached from the home. The sewer lines and gas lines needed to be temporarily disconnected. The movers needed to move in their equipment.

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Phase 3 - The Lift

Moran Construction worked with an independent moving company to hydraulically lift the house a safe 6 1/2 feet in the air. The lift took about 3 days, in which the owners of the home did not occupy the house. Once the lift was completed the homeowners returned to the house where they stayed for the remainder of the project. Temporary steps were installed for the owner to gain access to the house. All plumbing and gas lines were reconnected.

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Phase 4 - Extending the Foundation

Moran Construction extended the existing crawlspace an additional 5 1/2 feet, raising the house out of the current flood levels. The new crawl space was constructed out of 8" block with all new anchor bolts. All of the center support beam supports had to be replaced. Flood vents were installed. Then the house was lowered back onto the foundation.

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