Supporting Patio and Front Stairways

Supporting Patio and Front Stairways

Ram Jack New England is well known as a RI Foundation Repair company but many people do not know that we can repair front concrete steps and porches that have settled.

Our Project Manager will do a visual inspection of your porch, patio, front steps or walkways that have settled. Many times he will do elevations to determine how far the foundation or walkway has settled.

He will provide you with a written plan of repair along with an estimate of the cost to do said job. Most time it is best to support an existing porch or concrete steps rather than demolish and rebuild new. The reason is that the soils under the existing foundation, walkway or steps is still there and the new porch or walkway will settle once again.

It is usually best to drive deep driven steel piles alongside the existing steps and install a bracket that will allow us to lift the structure back up to as close to where it originally was. Even if we determine your front porch needs to be demolished, we would still recommend installing new construction steel piles under where the new steps would be installed. This will guarantee that the newly installed porch, steps, patio or walkway will not settle.

Have a question regarding wall crack repair or retaining wall repair? Please ask a foundation repair from Ram Jack New England of RI today.

At Ram Jack New England our Project Managers take care of the entire process, from estimating to obtaining any necessary building permits. He will also schedule one of our crews to do your job. He will arrive on the day of the job along with our crew and walk through the job with our crew chief. At any time during the job you can contact him for any details, etc.

Our workers are all covered by workers compensation insurance. We also carry general liability and auto insurance.

Sometimes a homeowner or community will want to install a walkway or wood bridge. new construction helical anchors are a great solution to support these structures. They are especially great for working in environmentally sensitive areas like swamps and beach walkways.

All our steel piles are powder coated to protect them from ground chemicals. Other companies use galvanization to coat their piles. The powder coating is much more effective and also safer for the environment. The heavy metals in galvanization process can end up contaminant the ground water.

All our residential porch, patio, stair and walkway repairs are covered by our transferable warranty. If our repair ever settles while under warranty, we will do any necessary repairs at no additional labor or material costs. For additional peace of mind, we will even do a yearly visual inspection of our repair to see if any further settlement has occurred. This service is done at no charge to you our customer.

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