Types of Rhode Island Soils

Types of Rhode Island Soils

Ram Jack New England understands the different types of soils in Rhode Island and how they can affect the various foundation types. When working with homeowners needing RI Foundation Repair our Project Manager will use a Zip Level and check the elevations of your foundation.

To determine what type of foundation repair systems to use on a failed foundation it may be necessary to do a soil boring to ascertain what type of material is under the foundation.

Throughout Rhode Island, there are many different types of soil. In some areas the soils are very rocky, other areas are very sandy , some are swampy, and others are clays, some of which have fine silty sands.

At RamJack New England we have two major foundation repair systems, one is a Deep Driven Steel Pile System that is hydraulically pushed into the ground until it hits bedrock or load-bearing stratum. This system works well in rocky soils.

Our other main foundation repair system is our Helical Pile System which is hydraulically screwed into the soil until it can support the weight it is designed to hold. Helical Piles work great in sandy soils.

In the northern parts of Rhode Island, the soils can be very rocky although not all areas in the northern part of the State are rocky.

Have a question regarding bowed wall repair or foundation solutions? Please ask a foundation repair from Ram Jack New England of RI today.

In the southern parts of the State, there are a lot of sandy soils. In some of these areas will have silty fine sands. It is not surprising since most of Rhode Island is surrounded by water.

Aquidneck Island with the towns of Newport, Portsmouth, and Middletown experience a broad range of soils from swampy organic materials, sandy, silty clays, and rocky ledge. This is all on one island.

Having a local foundation repair company that works with local engineers is very important when dealing with a failed foundation in Rhode Island. Ram Jack New England has been helping people in Rhode Island solve their wet basement problem for over 30 years.

We understand Rhode Island soils and how ground water can influence them. Most foundation problems are caused by too much water in the soil or not enough.

At Ram Jack New England, all our Project Managers are expertly trained about soil types and also the different types of foundations in Rhode Island. They are trained to repair fieldstone, cut granite, concrete block, or a poured concrete.

Once you decide to move forward with a foundation repair, our Project Manager will take care of any building permits and schedule one of our crews to do your job. All our Rhode Island foundation repairs are covered by our Nationally Backed Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

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