Massachusetts Soils and Foundation Types

Massachusetts Soils and Foundation Types

Ram Jack New England is a MA Foundation Repair company that understands local soil and foundation types. This is important because in Massachusetts there are many different types of soils. Here is a list of the most common types: swampy organic peat, sandy, silty fine clays, hard pan clay, slate, granite ledge

Along with these, there are other things a foundation repair company will come in contact with like trash pits and various inappropriate back fill materials.

Ram Jack New England understands soils and how they can affect a foundation. Many times, foundation problems are caused by too much water or not enough.

Along with the different soils in our local area, Ram Jack New England’s Project Managers are throughly trained to deal with the different local foundation types. Here are some of the different foundations we have worked on in the local area:

  • Concrete Block – these are 8 inches x 8 inches x 16 inches with hollow holes (2-3)
  • Brick – sometimes a foundation will be stone of block below grade and then brick above ground
  • Cinder block – these blocks are made with fly ash added to the mix
  • Beach sand poured concrete – these foundations were popular during the depression as economy forced some to use local beach sand in the mix.

A foundation repair from Ram Jack New England of MA would be happy to answer any question you have about wall crack repair or bowed wall repair.

These are especially difficult foundations to work on:

  • Poured concrete block – probably the most common foundations used today. These can be from 8 inches wide to as much as 12 inches or more wide.
  • Fieldstone – these foundations were built using local stones found in the field
  • Cut granite – again this is a stone foundation, however the stones are cut in perfect square slabs and mortared and stacked – very popular during the 19th century
  • Stacked slate – this is similar to fieldstone foundations except the thin slate is stacked usually with mortar around them
  • Wood – these foundations are rare and can be a challenge to repair.
  • Clay tile block – again these foundations are rare in our local area and require special care when stabilizing.
  • Concrete Piers – These foundations utilize a concrete pier on the corners of the structure and at various points under the grade beam to support the structure.

As a Ram Jack franchise, we have access to many standard steel brackets along with custom-made brackets that are needed to handle unique foundations.

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