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Foundation Inspection in Tallahassee

Homeowners in Tallahassee, are you concerned about the structural integrity of your home’s foundation? If so, then choosing Ram Jack Solid Foundations is the right decision. Our experienced professionals know all there is to know when it comes to foundation inspections and repairs. We have decades of expertise helping local homeowners just like you protect their most valuable investment. With our advanced technology and vast knowledge base, we can diagnose any issue and come up with a tailored solution for your home’s foundations.

When you choose Ram Jack Solid Foundations, you get an inspection that goes beyond the surface level analysis — one that looks at everything from soil stability around the house to current construction methods utilized within your infrastructure. And with ongoing monitoring provided by us after each repair as part of our maintenance plan, you will be sure that every dollar invested gets maximum return on your investments far into the future.

Contact us today at (855) 908-4323 and get started on making sure that any foundation issues are identified quickly while protecting your property!

What are the first signs of foundation problems?

Home foundation issues are one of the most common issues a homeowner will face. Early detection of foundation problems can save thousands of dollars in foundation repair costs, so it is important to know the warning signs of foundation issues.

Stair-step or diagonal cracks on foundation walls and ceiling joists, doors or windows that stick or are difficult to open and close, or gaps between interior walls and floors can be some of the common indications that a foundation inspection is needed. It is also important to remember that foundation problems do not always appear overnight and can worsen over time. By being aware of any changes in your home foundation, you can be sure that any foundation issues are addressed before they become too costly.

Types of Foundation Cracks

If you've spotted a crack around your foundation, you may be wondering whether it's a problem. Although foundation cracks are best inspected by a professional to determine their seriousness, we have provided some general insight about what different kinds of cracks usually mean.

  • Vertical cracks are usually what form during the natural settlement phase of a home. Newer homes that are beginning to settle in their first few years will start to display these. They may not be a sign for alarm, but if they appear to be wide enough to wedge a pencil eraser into or if they appear to be spreading over time, they may be worth looking at.
  • Horizontal cracks are usually a sign of foundation problems due to soil movement. They will usually spread and expand over time as the foundation continues to suffer damage and shift. These should be inspected immediately.

Our team of professionals can come out to take a closer look at your foundation, crawl space or basement so that you understand the condition of your building more clearly.

When Should I Get a Home Foundation Inspection?

We recommend a foundation inspection sooner rather than later for a couple reasons. The safety of your family or inhabitants is one primary reason. The dangers posed by a floor collapse or walls giving way are real. Another reason not to delay having your foundation inspected would be the costs involved. Foundation damage typically worsens over time. A repair beginning today can save you a significant amount of money compared with a repair starting in 12 months.

To get in touch with our home foundation inspectors in Tallahassee, call (855) 908-4323 today!

Foundation Inspections Before Buying a Home

A home’s foundation is a major point of negotiation between a seller and potential buyers. If you’re buying, you probably don’t want to take the chance of purchasing a home without knowing if you’ll need a major home upgrade shortly afterward.

Many mortgage loans often have these inspections as a condition for loan approval. But even if it isn’t required, it is still perfectly acceptable to request a home foundation inspection, especially if the home is older or you are noticing signs of a compromised foundation.

Who Pays?

A foundation inspection is usually part of a larger cluster of inspections ordered by the buyer. Occasionally, a seller may order a pre-listing inspection to get ahead of any repairs needed. If there is obvious foundation damage, as a seller you probably want to tackle this right away.

  • No one can force the other party into paying for the inspection.

What Goes into the Cost of a Home Foundation Inspection?

The foundation inspector you choose and the size of the home are the biggest factors in foundation inspection pricing.

Find Out How Bad the Damage Is with a Home Foundation Inspector

Are you troubled by the discovery of cracks around your home's foundation? If so, finding a professional to give you a clear explanation of its health is something to get started on as soon as possible. We will provide both an explanation of whether your foundation cracks indicate damage as well as a breakdown of the most effective repair solutions. Foundation trouble can often be expensive, complicated, and mentally exhausting to deal with. At Ram Jack Tallahassee, our goal is to reverse these expectations completely so that your repairs are understandable, fast, affordable, and minimally stressful.

For a home foundation inspection in Tallahassee call (855) 908-4323 or request an appointment online. You can also take a moment to view client testimonials.