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You Don’t Want to Call Us. Until You Do.

We get it. Nobody wants to spend time and money on foundation repairs.

You don’t want to call us until that crack in your wall has grown so large, it may
have become a portal into another dimension.

Unlike those new granite countertops or patio set, you can’t really show off
underground Ram Jack pilings to the neighbors (and since we leave our worksites
just how we found it, they may not even believe we were there in the first

But we’re not your average St. Louis foundation repair and waterproofing

We want to give you three reasons why you should feel comfortable calling us
well before your foundation problem grows into a more costly and complicated

1. That crack in your wall isn’t going to fill itself

Foundation problems are figuratively (and sometimes literally) like a dam. A
small crack may not immediately raise any alarms. But if it’s not fixed, the crack
will only get bigger, and the dam will eventually fail.

Just like how the water has a constant pressure on a dam, the soil around your
house is exerting constant pressure on your foundation. So, what may be a
hairline fracture now, can quickly become a more serious issue in a few months.

These cracks aren’t the whole problem, either. They’re a symptom of a larger
issue around your home. One of the most common underlying causes is poor
drainage changing the soil composition, resulting in different levels of pressure
being pushed on different areas of the foundation.

We don’t just fix your foundation; we also fix the drainage or soil issue that
caused the problem in the first place. And our work lasts — foundation repair,
waterproofing, and concrete leveling is all we do, and we do it well. We also
have an industry-leading warranty to give you peace of mind for years to come.
Don’t do it twice, do it right.

And don’t wait too long — A foundation problem that goes unaddressed not only
increases the cost of repair, you can run the risk of extra costs such as water

2. Ram Jack has financing options for everyone

While in most cases it can be essential towards ensuring the long-term safety of
your home, foundation repair isn’t necessarily what you’re saving up for. From a
personal finance perspective, the cost can feel like a blindside.

We get it. We have the tools to relieve that pressure imbalance on your
checkbook, so we can do the same for your foundation.

First, unlike many contractors, we don’t require a deposit to get going. That’s
right. We’ll break ground without making you put a single penny down.

We will also work with you on financing and can come up with manageable
monthly payments that will allow you to still get that patio set!

We also have an EZ Pay, a flexible option which can get you 100% financing with
no deposit down and low monthly payments for up to 120 months.

3. A free Ram Jack foundation evaluation will empower you with

The first step towards solving any problem is understanding it. That’s why when
we evaluate any foundation, our first focus is to give you all the information you
need, so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

Honesty is foundational to who we are — we’re not evaluating your home to find
a problem, we’re there to gather the facts and give them to you. Sometimes
when we come out, we find that no repairs are necessary. But the peace of mind
can be invaluable for homeowners.

We take all the time you need to explain the solutions and are happy to answer
any questions you may have —and it’s free!

It doesn’t cost anything to understand what’s going on underneath your floors.
So why not give us a call? We promise — after we work with you, you WILL be
showing off your newly-fixed foundation to your neighbors — and they’ll be

Visit, fill out the brief form, and we will be in touch to
schedule a time to come evaluate your home. You can also reach us at
(314) 309-2254.