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Foundation Issues Caused by Water

St. Louis Foundation Repair

At Ram Jack, our repair options are as varied as the problems we find. It doesn’t matter if you have one small leak or an entire wall that looks like it’s going to collapse, we have a solution for that! And when we’re finished your home will be drier (and healthier) than ever before.

CRACK REPAIR Crack injection

For a simple leaking crack with no structural impact, a quick-and-easy urethane injection will stop that intrusive water. First, your Ram Jack service technician will seal the outside of the crack and install injection ports in the seal. Next, the two parts of the urethane mixture will be injected through the ports. As the components combine, they will expand to fill even the smallest offshoots of the main crack. Top-to-bottom, inside-to-outside. After the injection cures, the urethane remains flexible so it can move even when your foundation is shifting due to seasonal changes. And, within an hour (per crack) your basement is dry again!


If you have a problem with water all-around d your basement, the best repair may be an interior drain. In conjunction with sump pumps, interior drains can capture large amounts of water from under and around your home, and direct it away from your basement before you ever see a sign of dampness. Interior drains are installed by removing a small section of the concrete floor along the leaking wall(s). The channel is cleaned out, and the drain is carefully positioned before being surrounded by clean gravel. The new drain is connected to your sump pump and then the basement floor is repoured. Ram Jack also has optional wall panels to help keep out the water that can push in through the lower part of basement walls.


We recommend a sump pump for every home in the Midwest. These little powerhouses can make the difference between a dry basement and several inches of water during a storm. Sump pumps are recessed in your basement floor to pump water away from your home before it can force its way up through the floors, or along the floor/wall seam. They can also help dry out your basement in case of a busted pipe or leaking water heater!

There are a lot of options for sump pumps! Battery backup systems provide some added peace of mind in case the power goes out. “Traffic rated” wells are built extra tough so they can be safely walked on, which is a great choice for a finished basement!


Heavy rains and thunderstorms usually go hand-in-hand around here, and with storms comes loss of power. Don’t lose your essential sump pump when power goes out! Battery backup sump pumps are a second unit that runs on battery power. The battery charges when power is good, and ready to go when storms cause outages.

EXTERIOR WATERPROOFING Exterior waterproofing

There are several reasons why exterior waterproofing would be your best solution. Extensive foundation damage may make it impossible to adequately inject cracks. Sometimes, you may just want a completely watertight basement. No matter why, Ram Jack can provide!

Exterior waterproofing starts with excavating along the wall(s) that need to be repaired. If any other work is necessary (straightening the wall, piering, etc.) it will be completed first. Next, the walls will be covered with a specialized membrane designed to keep water out. The membrane will be connected to a drainage system at the footing of the basement, so water is directed away from your home. This drainage will also help keep water from collecting under your foundation and forcing its way through the basement floor. Finally, soil will be returned to the excavated areas and safely compacted.


It’s completely normal for large areas of concrete such as driveways and sidewalks to settle over time. Unfortunately, if it settles quite a bit, or the settlement is uneven, you can be left with an eyesore. Broken concrete and major height differences are not only unsightly but can be dangerous. To return your home to its former beauty, Ram Jack offers polyjacking. Polyjacking can lift dropped concrete patios, sidewalks, and driveways back into place at a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement. It also doesn’t require heavy equipment and won’t damage landscaping even if it’s right along your current concrete.


Wall anchors are another option for vertical wall movement. While wall braces are incredibly common and relatively easy to install, there are situations where they cannot be used. Ram Jack’s wall anchors are installed by drilling a hole into the basement wall then twisting a metal rod with a helical head into the surrounding soil. The specialized head of the anchor ensures it can get maximum resistance to stabilize the previously moving walls. The anchor is then attached to the basement wall with a metal plate. Ram Jack offers an ongoing service where technicians return to your home to tighten the interior bolts over time. This may return the offset wall back to its original position.


Vertical wall restraints, or braces, are the most common repair for leaning or bowing basement walls. Steel beams are set into the concrete floor and attached to the floor joists. This repair is massively successful at stopping inward movement by using your home to help stabilize itself.

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