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Foundation Repair in Woodland Hills

Home Foundation Repair Near You

As a region known for its earthquakes, Southern California residents often have to think about repairs being made to their home’s foundation. The good news? That’s what Ram Jack SoCal is here for. Founded over three decades ago, Ram Jack provides nationwide foundation repair to homeowners that are in danger for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s the aftershock of an earthquake, a concrete crack that continues to grow, or just an aging foundation, our team of trained professionals can inspect your home and provide foundation solutions for just about any issue you may be facing.

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Foundation Repair Contractors

When it comes to finding solutions for your foundation, there are a few options. One of the more popular alternatives for SoCal homeowners is our driven piles solution. This option consists of a steel shaft that our team thrusts into the soil by way of powerful hydraulic tools. This sets us apart from any foundation repair contractors due to our dedication to the method. Most contractors do not install the correct number of piles or drive piles deep enough to provide a repair that will last a lifetime.

Foundation Repair for Hillside Homes

Building into hillsides is a common feature for residential developments in the Santa Monica mountain range. While it makes for beautiful views and a serene environment, it can also lead to major foundation issues. This is especially true in the event of an earthquake. So how do you fix it? Our team of trained professionals can execute a deep evaluation of your hillside home’s foundation and take control from there. Let’s examine the Ram Jack difference when it comes to hillside homes in Woodland Hills:

  • Comprehensive data collection – when our team comes out to assess your hillside home’s circumstance, we won’t just look at the current state. We’ll collect data that allows us to prepare your home for the future. Not only does this keep your family safer, but it also saves your household money.
  • Educational discussions – it’s always suspicious if you hire a service to fix something but they don’t explain what exactly they’re fixing. We’ll make sure our team offers you a full explanation of what they’re doing to fix your hillside home foundation problem. We’ll also be sure to map out a solution so the homeowner is aware of what’s being changed.
  • Customized solutions – We’re not going to use the same materials for every home. Each residence has a different issue it’s facing. We’ll ensure that your home is receiving the best treatment for its situation. It doesn’t matter which side of a hill it’s located on, it’s going to receive top-of-the-line Ram Jack service.
  • Financing and payment options – very few households budget for foundation repairs. That’s why we’re here to make the paying process as easy as possible for our customers. Ram Jack offers a variety of financing options.

Earthquake Retrofitting in Woodland Hills

As previously mentioned, earthquakes can take their toll on California residents. Unlike hurricanes and tornadoes, they’re nearly impossible to predict and strike at all times of the year. That’s why we offer free assessments for our earthquake retrofitting services. If your Woodland Hills household has fallen victim to an earthquake, you’ll want to consider your foundation and the effects it could be suffering from.

For more information on foundation repair for homes that have experienced the effects of earthquakes or hillside erosion, contact us today at (818) 423-4352.