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Ram Jack® has been a leader in foundation repair for the past several decades in terms of patented technology and innovations. We have set the industry standard for solving foundation issues. Our in-house engineers produce products designed to maintain the highest level of excellence.

If your home or business in Valencia or Santa Clarita is suffering from structural damage or instability, get in touch with our team. Ram Jack SoCal can provide a solution that is efficient, reliable, and precise. Our foundation professionals also provide earthquake retrofitting if your building is not ready for the next event.

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Foundation Inspections & Warning Signs

There are many different signs that can indicate foundation trouble. The next step if you are noticing any of these issues would be to get a professional foundation inspection.

Sloping Floors Can Be a Sign of Trouble

If your floors are off-level, this can be an indication that your foundation is moving. Sloping floors can also indicate different kinds of problems. It is helpful to have a professional foundation repair contractor in Santa Clarita take a look.

Small Slopping
Wall Cracks Outside Can Be Harmless Unless They are Clearly Horizontal

Cracks in the concrete around your home is not always a sign of a foundation problem. Very small and vertical cracks are usually not a worry. They usually indicate that concrete has contracted or the house has experienced normal settling. Horizontal cracks are the kind that usually indicate there is a major problem. Our foundation repair contractors can evaluate your cracks if you are unsure if they are serious.

Foundation Repair
Wall Cracks Indoors That Are Wider Than 5mm Are a Problem

Cracks in the drywall or ceiling of your home can be a sign of foundation trouble. Pay close attention if the cracks are wider than a quarter inch.

Small wall
Windows/Doors Jamming or Showing Gaps Can Indicate Structural Issues

Sometimes, doors or windows will become tight or jam due to a shift in the foundation. You may also see separation between your window frame and brickwork. Or, you may notice that your doors are not square.

Small Window

Are you concerned about possible damage on your foundation? Get in touch with our team for a professional foundation inspection.


The right foundation solution will depend on the home. Usually the most dependable and effective solutions are driven piles and helical piles.

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When you’re looking for a company to repair your foundation, reliability is what matters. Reliability of the company, Reliability of the repair, and Reliability of the warranty.
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