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Los Angeles Foundation Inspection

Identify the Best Solution for Your Damaged Foundation

Evaluating foundation problems is a technical process. It's best to call in for professional assistance rather than attempt to eyeball the issue. If you have any concern that your foundation may be in trouble, it is best to get a professional on the scene quickly. Foundation damage becomes more expensive and more dangerous as time passes.

If you see foundation cracks or signs of damage, our foundation contractors can help. They have the years of experience needed to quickly identify the nature of the problem and the most effective repair method. We can help protect your home from eroding soil as well as earthquake damage.

Call (818) 423-4352 today for a free foundation inspection in Los Angeles.

The Checklist for Foundation Repair Inspections in Los Angeles

During a visit from foundation repair professionals at Ram Jack SoCal, there will be a period of careful data collection. After the data has been collected, the foundation specialist will answer your questions. They will then run through their inspection checklist both inside and outside of the property.

Your Free Home Foundation Inspection Should Include:

  • Careful & Comprehensive Assessment. Overall an inspection may take a couple hours for midrange sized homes.
  • Answering Questions. We understand that the structural integrity of your home is extremely important. We will take the time to educate you on what the problem is and why it is happening.
  • Full Home Elevation Profile. The foundation specialist will use tools to analyze the elevation profile. They will survey the inside and outside
  • Scale Drawing. The technician will make a drawing of the building with obstructions and utility lines marked out.
  • Marking the Location of Cracks. The location of cracks will be included on the service plan.
  • A Service Plan for Repair. This includes repair methods available to resolve the problems uncovered during the inspection.
  • Outline for Repair. What repair products (helical piles, driven piles) will be needed. Where repairs will be performed.
  • Estimation of Costs. The inspection should include estimates for the cost of services.

underground foundation inspection on a building in Los Angeles

For an estimate on your repairs, contact our Los Angeles foundation inspection professionals. Reach Ram Jack SoCal by calling (818) 423-4352.