Foundation Settlement Repair

San Antonio Foundation Settlement Repair

Identifying Foundation Settlement and the Need for Foundation Repair

Foundation settlement occurs when changes in the soil beneath your home cause part of the foundation to drop below the original elevation. This often results in settlement cracks in the foundation of your home, where you may not see it immediately.

However, there are some signs in the interior and exterior of your home that may alert you to a foundation settlement problem.

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Growing Cracks Are a Sign of Failure

New homes are not immune to foundation issues. Improper soil preparation before building can cause major shifts in the underlying soil which will cause both settling and heaving.

You can track the change of cracks by marking it, noting its size then comparing as time passes. If the crack gets larger, you may be seeing signs of foundation failure.

Repairing Foundation Settlement Cracks

Men laying foundation Your home is an investment, and repairing it should be handled by professionals providing the best solution. Symptoms of foundation settlement are more than unsightly; these signs may point to larger problems with your foundation. Having a foundation repair expert evaluate your home’s foundation settlement cracks can help keep your investment from becoming a liability.

The Ram Jack Foundation repair system, patented and manufactured by Ram Jack, maintains strict quality control from start to finish. Ram Jack uses only the highest quality components in your home’s repair.

70,000 Lbs. of Hydraulic Power

We use our patented lift system to recover settlement of your home. 70,000 lbs. of hydraulic power vertically drive high-carbon steel pilings to an average of 22 feet below your home in order to anchor the structure and prevent future settlement.

In some cases, we torque helical piles into the ground independently of the structure to load-bearing strata. A hydraulic pump uses a synchronized lift to raise the affected areas of your home simultaneously in order to maximize practical recovery.

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