Why Fix My Foundation

Why Fix My Foundation?

Fixing Foundation Cracks – Protect Your Investment

Whether your home is older or brand-new, it’s often your biggest investment. Repairing foundation cracks might be the best way to protect it!

Nearly every home in the United States will be sold at some point – but it’s hard to sell a home with a foundation problem. When cracks are visible in the walls, floors are heaving, mold is surfacing, and doors and windows won’t shut properly, most buyers will not be interested in taking on a home with so many problems.

Protect Your Family

Structural damage can also present dangers to you and your family, such as doors jamming shut and preventing you from exiting in the event of an emergency.

Repairing Foundation Cracks

Fixing Foundation CracksMany foundation problems are the result of changes to the soil surrounding your foundation. These problems will not improve with time – they will only become worse. Repairing foundation cracks at the source will ensure longevity of your investment.

Contrary to popular belief, new homes often experience the most severe foundation failure. Consumer Reports found that 15% of new homes had serious foundation problems – most of them the result of shifting soil or poor construction techniques.

The visible signs of foundation cracks, cracks in brick, or cracks in interior sheetrock can alert you to a much more serious problem below your home. You may also notice doors or windows sticking or pulling away from the frame of your home.

Most common foundation failure is attributed to:

  • Poor construction techniquesundefined
  • Building homes on shifting or poorly compacted soil
  • Soil expansion damaging the home
  • Deteriorating or inadequate support systems
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Landscaping too close to the home
  • Poor drainage

For more information about foundation damage and repair and when addressing foundation cracks should be a priority, consult our go-to guides:

Keeping Your Family & Home Safe

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