Foundation Problems

Foundation Problems

Foundation Problem or Cosmetic Issue?

Cracked red brick wallIf you’ve noticed cracks in your sheetrock, you may want to be on the look out for other signs of a foundation problem or foundation failure. Cracks in exterior brick or interior sheetrock may be strictly superficial and can be repaired cosmetically. Those cracks, however, may also point to underlying issues that can be very serious. Simply repairing the cosmetic damage with grout or sheet rock repair is a temporary fix — and the seemingly cosmetic problems will often recur with the next seasonal cycle.

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Causes of Foundation Problems

In addition to issues from poor construction and plumbing issues, Mother Nature and the soil under your foundation can wreak havoc on your foundation. Changes in temperature and moisture levels can cause the soil below your foundation to heave or subside. Hot, dry summer winds can cause moisture to evaporate from the soil around your home, causing shrinkage beneath your foundation. Trees and other landscaping extract water from the soil which during drought conditions can also cause soil to shrink under your home.

Saturation under your home can cause water to build up and cause soil to swell. Both poor drainage and plumbing leaks can contribute to heaving of soil. Rain gutters should direct water away from the foundation, and if water tends to pool near the foundation, drainage systems should be installed to direct the water away from your home.

Repairing Foundation Problems

Foundation damage signsRepairing your home’s foundation through steel underpinning will restore the structural integrity of your home. Once you’ve fixed the core problems, the cosmetic repairs in sheetrock and brick can be performed without fear of them returning.

Ram Jack’s proven, patented foundation repair methods using American-made steel backed by a lifetime national warranty trust provide peace of mind that your home’s foundation will be on solid ground.

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