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Houston Foundation Repair

Foundation problems in the Houston, Texas area can quickly get out of hand. If your doors and windows are sticking, or if you notice any cracks in the interior or exterior of your home, take action and contact Ram Jack Texas. One of our skilled foundation repair experts will come out to your property for a free onsite consultation. When you choose Ram Jack Texas for your foundation repair solution you are picking a repair that comes with a lifetime transferable warranty.

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Cause of Foundation Issues In Houston

Foundation problems can quickly grow to the safety of your home and the security of your investment. Foundations problems are common in the Houston, Texas area because the soil found in the area has high levels of clay, and the weather has high temperature and rainfall extremes. Combined, the two variables cause the soil in Houston to be unstable.

Houston Weather

The weather in Houston also plays a major role into why so many foundations in the area have problems. Houston is a humid subtropical region, making it susceptible to both heavy rainfall and high temperatures. Because Houston is located so close to the gulf coast, large tropical storms are common which can cause damage and soil erosion.

Houston Soil

Because of its proximity to the gulf coast, Houston, Texas sits atop blackland prairie soils that have high levels of clay and sand. Black prairie soils found in Houston have a high shrinking and swelling property meaning they can both take on and absorb a lot of water and dry out to take up less area. You can spot highly expansive clays if you notice cracks in the top layer of a soil. The cracks indicate that the clay expanded to take on water during a period of rainfall, and then dried out to take on less area.

Soil that has high clay content is a major problem for building foundations in Houston because it is not stable. Clay will compact under the pressure of a heavy home and can lead to issues with an uneven and settling foundation. Clay can also be saturated to a point where it expands and pushes up on a foundation, which can lead to cracking.

Types of Foundation Problems


Cracks on the inside and outside of your home are initial signs that your foundation has shifted through time. Cracks commonly form near windows and doors because of extra stress from foundation. Issues due to the extra stress can cause shifting in the wall. If your building is constructed of brick and mortar cracks will appear as stair step fractures. Hairline fractures can also form along the side of your slab foundation which is a direct sign of foundation issues.

Sticking Doors

If the doors in your home are sticking or difficult to close, your foundation has shifted the frame of your home. The structure of your home will contort and bend with an uneven movement of your foundation.

Foundation Repair Methods

Ram Jack Texas prides itself in providing superior foundation repair methods in the Houston, TX area. Our foundation repairs come with a lifetime transferable warranty because our methods are built to last. Our patented foundation repair methods are made here in America. Here are some of our various foundation repair solutions.

  • Soil Injection

    Soil injection is a settling repair method that is used on homes that do not have secure grounding beneath their home. Different solutions are injected into the soil to help retain the soil structure beneath a settling foundation. Most properties in Houston sit atop strata that can be used as a footing, but soil injection is still a viable option for foundation settlement repair.

  • Crawl Space Repair

    Pier and beam foundations are constructed using concrete piers and wood beams that secure the base board of your home. Over time, the soil around the concrete piers can shift and compact, causing areas of your home to settle. Ram Jack Texas offers helical pile foundation repair that can secure the footing of your pier and beams.

  • Slab Repair

    Concrete slabs are used for most home construction because they offer secure and robust footings for large homes. Over time, slabs break down from settling, root damage, or uplift. Ram Jack Texas has various slab repair solutions that will secure your home for life.

  • Foundation Settlement Repair

    Concrete slabs are bound to suffer from soil erosion or settling. Ram Jack Texas offers foundation services that will level your foundation and give it a secure grounding point.

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