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Foundation Repair in Austin

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Austin homes and businesses are subject to intense heat and humidity in summer and dry conditions in the winter. Having distinct seasons is great for residents, but that sort of fluctuation can also cause significant damage to your home or business’s foundation. Ram Jack Texas - Central/South is your Austin foundation repair solution.

Does my property have foundation damage?

If you notice any of these warning signs around your home or business, your foundation might be damaged:

  • Uneven or sloping floors
  • Cracks in exterior brick
  • Cracks in drywall, molding, flooring, or foundation
  • Space between the wall and ceiling or floor
  • Separation of windows or doors

Do any of these sound familiar? Ram Jack Texas - Central/South offers a free foundation repair evaluation.* We’ll do a thorough inspection of your space, provide an assessment, and our expert staff will give you more tips to help you preserve the integrity of your foundation.

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Our Services

For foundation repair to Austin homes, we’ll send out our expert staff to inspect your home and help you determine the best solution for your foundation. We offer a wide variety of foundation repair services and can effectively assist you through inspection to diagnosis and repairs.

Interior Floor Repair

If you notice cracks in your flooring or areas in which the floor appears to be sagging or dipping, your property could be experiencing foundation failure. Other warning signs for sagging floors include shifting doorframes or even a sagging ceiling.

These are caused by:

  • Insufficient support below load-bearing walls or heavy room partitions
  • Over-spanned main beams or floor joists

Our team can get below and ensure your floors and structure are properly supported.


It is possible for the soil your property is sitting on to expand or shrink, causing massive amounts of foundational damage. Austin is susceptible to dry and humid weather, creating fluctuations for certain soil types. If you notice cracks in your home it could be due to shrinking or expanding soil.

Our team of experts at Ram Jack Texas - Central/South can handle whatever support services your home or property might need. Don’t wait for the damage to get worst – get started as quickly as you can. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get.

Slab Repair

Homes that are built directly on soil with lots of vegetation around it, like trees and flower beds, can experience issues with the foundation and the concrete slab. Cracks formed in the concrete slab can cause serious damage to the house and need to be repaired promptly.

If your slab is in need of repair, you won’t see it directly. You‘ll more than likely notice cracks in your walls or floors and sagging parts of your home. Contact an expert foundation repair technician to assess whether the damage is caused by a damaged slab and how best to proceed.

Crawl Space Repair

When it comes to foundation repair, pier and beam homes (or crawl space homes) present an interesting challenge. The underside of these homes rests directly on the soil’s surface on concrete blocks. It is common to see foundation issues, especially with inferior repair methods like wooden or steel shims between the concrete blocks and wooden structures.

At Ram Jack Texas - Central/South, we only use the best repair methods, like helical piles. Ensure your home is protected from future damage and that your crawl space repair is effective with our contractors!

Commercial Foundation Options

If your business prefers to keep things in-house, we’ll set up your engineer with our Ram Jack Foundation Solutions software. The software evaluates the soil and structure of your building to help you design a good solution.

If you’re more hands-off, our engineering department will design a customized plan for you.

Foundation Repair Experts You Can Trust

In Austin and across the country, Ram Jack has over 30 years’ experience providing foundation repair to both home and business owners. Our patented Ram Jack Foundation Repair System is now available throughout the country. We do more than get the job done: we set the industry standards.

Build on the best with Ram Jack. Call us at (210) 970-7115 today for a free foundation evaluation,* or schedule an appointment online with our simple form. Ram Jack Texas - Central/South provides everything you need for your Austin foundation repair.

*Real estate transactions or evaluations requiring engineering may incur a fee.