Foundation Crack & Leak Repair

Foundation Crack and Leak Repair

A seemingly small foundation crack may cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage with the right rain storm. Whether you have water damage now or not it makes sense to protect your property assets by having your cracks and leaks repaired and sealed against future damage. If you know or think you may have a crack or leak please don’t hesitate to have us send one of our skilled technicians for a free inspection and quote by calling (801) 682-1854. In many instances we can give you a quick quote online. In addition our crack and leak repairs come with a written warranty. Quotes and inspections are only provided to home owners.

Water Leak Repair

Foundation cracks contract and expand periodically over time, which may be as long as a year or as short as several hours which is why we custom tailor our repairs to every foundation’s needs and only use the highest quality materials. Since most structures experience periodic movement, rigid crack repair materials often fail or cause other cracks in areas nearby. We most frequently use a Flexible Polyurethane Injection System which was designed with these problems in mind. It has been proven to be of superior quality and unique to the injection industry in its comprehensiveness. At Intermountain Foundation Repair, Inc. we use a specialized high pressure injection system that forces the polyurethane to penetrate completely through the wall and provides a more effective and long-term seal.

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At Intermountain Foundation Repair, Inc. we provide thorough foundation crack and leak repair by repairing both the inside and outside of your foundation (with a very few minor exceptions). We only use the highest quality repair materials and we customize the repair to the specific foundations needs to ensure the crack and leak are sealed and remain sealed, thus protecting your property for years to come. In addition every repair job comes with a written warranty.

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