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  • Sinking Sidewalk

    Sinking Sidewalk
    We have a walkway leading to the front door that is sinking and was wondering what it would cost to get it fixed. I was also wondering if you remove concrete. We are looking to tear up part of our ...
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  • Leaking Crack in Basement

    Leaking Crack in Basement
    We have an unfinished basement with a small crack in the corner of the foundation about 1 foot off the floor. We’ve noticed that it only leaks water when the sprinklers are running, and have tried ...
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  • Brick Below Grade

    Brick Below Grade
    I’m interested in getting some sealing work done on my foundation. I have about 18″ of soil built up along one side of my home that covers my brick. The brick is beginning to show signs of damage. I ...
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