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  • Cracks in Floor, Walls and Ceiling

    Cracks in Floor, Walls and Ceiling
    Our home has cracked stucco at southeast corner top to bottom. Cracked grout line in kitchen with slightly raised tile. Cracks at window corners and along ceiling dry wall joints. Some separation ...
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  • Sinking Sidewalk

    Sinking Sidewalk
    We have a walkway leading to the front door that is sinking and was wondering what it would cost to get it fixed. I was also wondering if you remove concrete. We are looking to tear up part of our ...
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  • Leaking Crack in Basement

    Leaking Crack in Basement
    We have an unfinished basement with a small crack in the corner of the foundation about 1 foot off the floor. We’ve noticed that it only leaks water when the sprinklers are running, and have tried ...
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