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Sacramento Helical Pile Installation

Helical Screw Foundations in Northern California

Helical piles are one of the most effective solutions for home's experiencing unstable soil conditions. This may include foundation cracking. Foundations usually crack from causes related to soil conditions. Home with poor drainage will experience soil expansion that pushes on the foundation. This will crack basement walls and can result in foundation damage. Shifting soil underneath a foundation is a common cause of foundation cracking. This occurs if one side settles while the other side remains unmoved.

At NorCal Ram Jack, we use helical piles to repair foundation cracks. Helical piles lift up a foundation that has sunken or shifted due to soil movement. The load of your home will be shifted from the unstable soil to the helical pile. This itself is resting on deeper, more stable soil and sometimes even bedrock.

standard helical pile designed by Ram Jack

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What Are Helical Piles & How Do They WOrk?

Helical piles are made up of a steel shaft with a helical plate that is rotated into the ground. Because this is similar to how a screw works, they are sometimes called screw piles. The helical plate is designed with a true helical pitch. This prevents the piles from simply churning up and auguring the ground.

The application of helical piles (also called helical piers) are manifold. They are used to provide enhanced structural support in construction. The are useful for stability in unstable soil conditions. The are a solution for leveling and repairing cracked foundations.

Helical screw piles are installed on many different projects, including:

  • Homes
  • New Construction
  • Boardwalks
  • Seawalls
  • Bridges
  • Communication Towers
  • Pipelines
  • And more...

Helical Pile Installation Process

NorCal Ram Jack's helical pile installation process in Sacramento is a meticulous and efficient solution for foundation repair. The process involves:

  1. Site Assessment: Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the property's soil conditions.

  2. Custom Design: Creating a tailored helical pile system based on soil analysis and structural requirements.

  3. Pile Installation: Utilizing advanced equipment to screw helical piles deep into stable soil layers, providing reliable foundation support.

  4. Load Transfer: Transferring the structural load from the foundation to the helical piles, ensuring stability.

  5. Quality Assurance: Implementing rigorous testing and inspection protocols to guarantee the effectiveness and longevity of the helical pile installation.

This proven process by NorCal Ram Jack in Sacramento ensures a durable and sustainable solution for foundation stability.

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