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Driven Pile Installation in Sacramento

Long-Lasting Foundation Solutions

Are you an architect or engineer in Sacramento looking for durable foundation support? Driven piles are ideal for securing and supporting heavy loads when the surface soil isn’t strong enough. At NorCal Ram Jack, we offer driven piles (or steel push piers) to underpin distressed foundations on commercial and residential properties.

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Our highly trained team can install steel push piers with state-of-the-art hydraulic cylinders. Each pier is load tested during installation using a pressure gauge with the addition of each pile. Driven piles are typically used when the topsoil is in poor condition and requires extra support. They are commonly used in foundation repair to stabilize and strengthen existing foundations.

When a foundation begins to experience settlement or other structural issues, driven piles can be installed to transfer the load of the structure to more stable soil layers or bedrock, providing support and preventing further damage. This system is also utilized in conjunction with other foundation attachment brackets for further structural balance.

How Do Driven Piles Work?

Driven piles are prefabricated components that help transfer loads from surface soil to deeper load-bearing soil. This system can be steel, concrete, or timber, depending on the manufacturer and the specific structure it’s supporting. Typically used for low-rise buildings or bridges, push piers are driven into the soil until resistance indicates the pier is established on an adequately hard layer. We employ advanced equipment that requires very little evacuation and soil disturbance.

driven pile from NorCal Ram Jack in Sacramento

The Pros of Steel Push Piers

With very few limitations, driven piles have always been an ideal system to help support medium to heavy loads.

In fact, the benefits of driven piles include the following:

  • Less labor-intensive, requiring fewer technicians during the installation and saving you time and money
  • Can be installed on an incline to support lateral loads
  • Easy to identify flaws or errors in the material before installation

While push piers can be created using various elements, steel is the preferred material because it’s readily available and versatile. The only potential problem with steel is that it tends to corrode over time. However, because steel push piers are driven deep into the ground, the oxygen levels are deficient, making corrosion a non-issue when this system is installed correctly. For additional corrosion protection, our deep-driven piles are coated with polyethylene copolymer-based thermoplastic powder.

Consulting with the qualified professionals at NorCal Ram Jack is crucial to ensure that the correct approach is taken for your specific foundation repair needs.

Addressing Common Foundation Issues in Sacramento with Driven Piles

NorCal Ram Jack tackles Sacramento's foundation challenges with precision and expertise. As a leading professional in residential and commercial foundation repair, we employ state-of-the-art driven pile systems. Our team conducts thorough assessments of Sacramento's unique soil conditions, tailoring solutions with steel, concrete, or timber piles.

NorCal Ram Jack's commitment to quality assurance includes rigorous testing and inspection protocols, ensuring the stability and longevity of foundations. With a proven track record and a focus on eco-friendly practices, NorCal Ram Jack stands out as a trusted partner for resolving foundation issues through advanced driven pile technology in the Sacramento region.

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