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Foundation Repair in Elk Grove

Foundation Repair Contractors Serving Homes & Businesses

Certified Ram Jack technology ensures that whatever is causing damage to your foundation is addressed completely and precisely. Whether the cause of damage is soil movement, poor drainage, or something else, our helical and driven piles can restore stability to your home. If you are concerned about your home's foundation, an foundation repair contractor in Elk Grove from NorCal Ram Jack can evaluate your property, inspect your foundation, and provide you with a detailed breakdown of why you are seeing cracks form.

Signs That Can Indicate Foundation Damage

  • Fractures in Drywall
  • Cracks Around Foundation
  • Separating Chimney or Walls
  • House Sinking
  • Doors or Windows Drag
  • Gaps Around Doors
  • Floors Are Sloping

If you are seeing issues like these in your home or business, your foundation should be inspected to determine if it is compromised. If you are dealing with problems with your concrete slab, we also provide lifting, leveling, and concrete repair in Elk Grove.

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What Are Costs That Factor Into Repair Work by Foundation Contractors?

Costs for foundation repair in Elk Grove are derived from many different factors. These include costs for equipment, preparation costs, costs for custom engineering, and more.

A main consideration for costs would be the kind of repair method and the severity of the problem. The costs of crack injections for cosmetic repair will be significantly different that the cost of installing helical piles for severe foundation damage.

illustration of a home with foundation repair piles in Elk Grove

If the problem is mostly cosmetic, crack injections may suffice. This may cost significantly less other methods like installing helical piles.

Will a Limited Warranty on Repair Help with Home Resale?

Occasionally, a homebuyer may be concerned about a previous foundation issue during their home buying process. The National Limited Trust Warranty offered by the Ram Jack Dealer Association Warranty Trust should perk the interest of buyers for multiple reasons.

The Ram Jack Dealers Association National Warranty Trust offers a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty. This Warranty Trust allows Ram Jack customers to have access to warranty repairs, if they should arise, regardless of the status of your installing Ram Jack dealer.

Do Foundation Cracks Always Indicate a Serious Problem?

Small cracks around a foundation are often normal due to the settling of soil around a home that will happen naturally over time. Cracks that run vertically are the most common and are usually just a sign of foundation settling.

Cracks that run diagonally are usually a sign of uneven (differential) settling of your home's foundation. This kind of foundation repair in Elk Grove is often more serious.

Cracks that run horizontally are usually the most problematic. These often indicate severe foundation failure.

Because foundation cracks can signify major problems with your foundation, they should always be taken seriously.

You can contact our foundation repair specialists in Elk Grove by calling (888) 900-0659.