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Types of Foundations

Providing Tailored Foundation Repairs

The type of foundation you have likely depends on your geographic location, as well as the age and style of your home. Every form of foundation is designed to offer sound structural support. Depending on your home’s particular foundation, you may be facing some specific advantages and disadvantages.

Working with an accomplished foundation repair expert is crucial during this time. At Ram Jack®, we have been helping homeowners and commercial contractors resolve foundation issues for more than 40 years. We know how to handle all types of foundations and are ready to assist you!

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Common Forms of Foundations

Chances are your home has one of these foundations:

  • Crawlspace – Normally about three or four feet deep, they contain pillars that are supporting your home. These are typically found in northern regions where the frost line tends to be deeper. A crawlspace can help protect against flooding and keep the building cooler during the summer.
  • Basement – A basement is in a way a more advanced form of a crawlspace. They have concrete perimeters and there are pillars used to support them. These are typically installed further north where there are issues relating to freezing and thawing. Since there is not open air, mold and bacteria can create issues.
  • Slabs – A foundation that is composed of poured concrete sections that range from four to eight inches in thickness. These are a good option for southern regions where frost lines are shallow. Since it is fairly quick and affordable, it is a very common foundation for homes. Since there is no open air space, there are hardly concerns for mold or bacteria.

If you’ve noticed signs of damage to your foundation, now is the time to call on Ram Jack. We have specialists located across the country and can provide quick, effective repairs for all types of foundation.

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