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Foundation Repair Options

Ram Jack® is Your Trusted Source for Repairs

If your building has experienced foundation damage, there can be a variety of methods to effectively repair the damage. Finding the right one for your specific damage can be a confusing and overwhelming process. Working with a foundation repair expert provides clarity and confidence that you’ve selected the right type of foundation repair for your home. At Ram Jack, we have more than 40 years of experience helping people successfully resolve problems relating to damage to the foundation. Let us put this experience to work on your behalf!

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Types of Foundation Stabilization

There are many forms of foundation stabilization for repairing your foundation:

  • Helical pile system – This is a good option with foundations above sandy or swampy soils, or for lightweight structures such as porches and gazebos.
  • Deep-driven steel pile system – A trusted option for foundations sitting on rocky or clay soils.
  • Wall tiebacks – This option is able to provide necessary support when sitting on hydrostatic soil pressure.
  • Carbon fiber – Some of our locations utilize this system to support bowed walls, beams, and columns.
  • Slab brackets – An installation that is able to support failing slabs of concrete, normally used with helical piles.

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