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Foundation Repair Costs

Permanent, Affordable Foundation Repair Solutions

Ram Jack understands that foundation damage can be an unwelcome and unexpected problem. For most of us, our home is our largest investment. Ram Jack was founded on the principle of helping homeowners protect the value and equity they have worked so hard to build.

When examining the cost of repairs, there are a variety of factors that have to be considered by trained professionals to determine an accurate price. Hiring an expert in foundation repair means you get the necessary and accurate information about the condition of your foundation and all the factors that are affecting the cost of repairs. A trusted foundation repair expert from Ram Jack® will correctly diagnose foundation problems and provide affordable solutions.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Foundation Repair Company:

  • How thoroughly was my home evaluated?

  • Does the company offer a transferable warranty?

  • Who covers the cost if piles go deeper than expected?

  • Is the repair using concrete or steel products

  • Whether the repairs will be recurring or permanent

  • How extensive the repairs will be and whether there will be excavations

The Importance of Quality Repairs

While price is a major factor in deciding on what repairs you want to be done on your foundation, it is important to remember that cheaper “fixes” and shortcuts can lead to recurring problems and even more costly repairs in the future. It is critical to have a proper and professional evaluation of your foundation in order to have a solid understanding of the repairs you truly need.

Call us for an inspection so we can accurately provide you with an estimate of foundation repair costs at (888) 330-2597. You can also check out our financing options.

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