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Prevent Excess & Standing Water in Your Home

The Ram Jack Crawl Space Encapsulation uses Flexi-Seal as a moisture/vapor barrier, a sump pump to remove standing water, Polydrain Diverters to divert water, and an ICC-Approved QuikFlo Drainage System. This encapsulation system will prevent excess moisture and standing water and greatly improve your indoor air quality.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services from Ram Jack

Wet or damp crawl spaces are a common problem for many homeowners. Excess moisture and standing water can be associated with poor drainage and even improper ventilation. Introducing warm humid air into a cool, dark crawl space can cause moisture to condense on ductwork, wood floor systems, ground surfaces, and the foundation. As this condensation collects over time, the humidity in the crawlspace rises and this can lead to mold and fungal growth on the wood floor system. This in turn can lead to dry rot or fungal decay. It is also the primary cause of cupped hardwood flooring inside the home.

What Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Do, Exactly?

Our Ram Jack waterproofing specialists can literally encapsulate your crawl space with a thick heavy-duty polyethylene barrier. The substance is applied to the walls and floors and possibly the ceiling. When the water vapor barrier is set in place, we connect and seal the pieces together with durable sealing tape to finish the project. This blocks all ground moisture and outside air from entering the crawl space atmosphere. In some cases a dehumidifier can be installed to lower the humidity levels in the crawl space, especially when the wood floor system has taken on excessive moisture.

What Benefits Does Crawl Space Encapsulation Bring?

  • Greatly reduced chances of moisture entering the crawlspace, especially during storms.

  • Eliminates dangerous mold, spore, and fungus growth due to dampness.

  • Helps stop allergens from entering your home through crawl space air circulation.

  • Blocks pests like rats and bugs from easily entering your crawlspace.

An encapsulated crawl space might even be doubled as a new storage area due to its cleanness. Be sure to ask our Ram Jack waterproofing specialists about turning your crawlspace into a new storage space after a complete encapsulation.

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