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Standing water in your crawl space or basement is never a good thing. If it’s allowed to sit, all sorts of problems can arise. If excess water is a problem you’re experiencing, the solution is to install a sump pump.

The Solutions


PitBoss 3/4 Horsepower Sump PumpThe PitBoss sump pump sets new standards for quality, performance and reliability. The powerful ¾ HP motor is an energy-efficient design using half the electricity of similar pumps. PitBoss won’t trip GFI outlets, reduces electric bills, is super quiet, and is able to pump thousands of gallons per hour.

Options PitBoss 3/4 Horsepower Sump Pump Combo Kit

You can either choose the sump pump by itself or the PitBoss Combo kit, which comes with a sump pump and backup system to ensure things run smoothly. The Combo set automatically self-tests, so you’ll always know the status of your system.


PumpSpy Wii-Fi Sump PumpPumpSpy is the only system that auto-monitors and tests your primary sump pump, backup pump and battery status 24/7. It has a built-in internet connection that sends you free updates and alerts on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Already have a sump pump system set up? The PumpSpy system with a backup sump pump will upgrade you to complete basement security. Any 120V primary sump pump is compatible with the PumpSpy system.

OptionsPumpSpy Wi-Fi Sump Pump Combo Kit

As with the PitBoss, you can choose the sump pump by itself. Or, you can go with the PumpSpy Combo kit, which includes the Pitboss primary and PumpSpy backup pumps, battery case and switches. The Combo auto monitors and tests your primary sump pump, backup sump pump and battery status.

Does your basement or crawl space need a sump pump? If so, contact us today for a free estimate and let the professionals help you!

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