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Aprilaire DehumidifierMoisture in basements and crawlspaces can lead to real big problems — and probably sooner than you think. Allergies can be triggered, asthma attacks may occur from mold spores, and wood rot can damage the stability of your home, not to mention your whole home might smell unpleasant. You have to get that moisture under control!

Call (888) 330-2597 to connect with Ram Jack and our waterproofing service specialists. We can assess the condition of your crawlspace or basement and recommend either a dehumidifier or another solution, if needed.

How Dehumidifiers Work to Control Moisture & Mold

A dehumidifier is a special piece of equipment that pulls humidity from a basement or crawlspace by forcing air circulation. Air is pushed over frigid coils inside the dehumidifier, which extracts moisture. When the air is released from the device, it is much drier than before. As a dehumidifier continues to operate and circulate air in a single room, like your basement or crawlspace, it only gets more efficient.

An effective dehumidifier will help with:

  • Mold growth: Any place with a humidity level of 50% or greater and not much circulation and fresh air is at high risk of mold growth. Using a humidifier makes the enclosed environment in your basement or crawlspace unfriendly to mold and similar spores, stunting their growth.
  • Foul odors: As stagnant air is dried and circulated with a dehumidifier, it can begin to smell fresher. Eliminating mold also takes away the bad smell associated with it.
  • Health concerns: Mold will put airborne spores throughout your home. People with allergic reactions to the spores or weakened immune systems can get seriously ill due to breathing it in. Therefore, dehumidifiers protect health, too!

There are quite a few brands and makes of dehumidifiers. Various factors like the size of the space, the predictable weather conditions of your hometown, and the known allergies of your family should all be considered when making a choice. Ram Jack and our waterproofing professionals would be happy to inspect your crawlspace and basement to help you select the best option. We can even install a self-sustaining dehumidifier that requires little maintenance to continually run throughout the year!

Get more information about dehumidifiers and their uses by calling (888) 330-2597 now.

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