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Some crawlspaces are not made properly, or suffer direly from normal wear and tear. The result is often an unsafe moisture buildup, collection of detritus, and pest infestation. None of these problems put your family in a healthy living space.

For crawlspaces in serious need of attention and repairs, Ram Jack offers crawlspace encapsulation services. Our professionals are here to handle the waterproofing jobs that are too big to be a DIY project, such as crawlspace encapsulation. We are backed by industry knowledge and experience that few other companies in the country can boast, so you know you can trust us.

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What Does Crawlspace Encapsulation Do, Exactly?

Our Ram Jack waterproofing specialists can literally encapsulate your crawlspace with a thick heavy-duty polyethylene barrier. The substance is applied to the walls and floors, and possibly the ceiling. When the water vapor barrier is set in place, we connect and seal the pieces together with durable sealing tape to finish the project. In the end, it is also like your crawlspace’s interior is protected in a bubble.

What benefits does crawlspace encapsulation bring?

  • Greatly reduced chances of moisture entering the crawlspace, especially during storms.
  • Eliminates dangerous mold, spore, and fungus growth due to dampness.
  • Helps stop allergens from entering your home through crawlspace air circulation.
  • Blocks pests like rats and bugs from easily entering your crawlspace.

An encapsulated crawlspace might even be doubled as a new storage area due to its cleanness. This is only recommended for storing certain types of items and only some designs of crawlspaces. Be sure to ask our Ram Jack waterproofing specialists about turning your crawlspace into a new storage space after a complete encapsulation.

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