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Sinkhole Remediation

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Sinkholes can occur when water (or other forces) displace underground soil, weakening the soil's overall integrity in certain areas. As you might guess, this a serious issue for buildings and houses. When density "gaps" are created in soil beneath structures, they can sink—slowly, or sometimes dramatically, causing serious damage.

Ram Jack® offers several options for sinkhole repair and foundation remediation. Many types of soil can see improvement with compaction grouting. Compaction grouting is used for stabilization and densification as well as void filling. This method is used to fill the voids in the ground around and under your dwelling, providing foundation reinforcement, and can be used for sinkhole repair.

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*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

How Does Compaction Grouting Work?

The main purpose of compaction grouting is to increase the load the soil can bear by adding material to the lower soil layers. To do this, we utilize a limited-access drill to drill to the adequate depth. Next, a thick cement/grout mixture is pumped into the ground under high pressure using a Schwing 500 grout pump and steel casing. The soils are compacted as the cement/grout mixture penetrates the soil.

The thick cement mixture is formulated to remain tight within the soil and fill any voids. The grout seals off the top of the limestone layer first. As the casings are removed section by section, the compaction grout increases soil density layer by layer. Finally the casings are removed from the ground, loaded back on the trailer, and removed from the repaired property.

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If you believe your property requires sinkhole remediation, then the licensed, proven foundation repair professionals at Ram Jack are ready to speak with you. For nearly half a century, Ram Jack has been a premier name in foundation repair. Our organization owns a dozen patents, has more than 50 locations nationwide, and offers warranties on the quality of its work.Our team is ready to assess your home and, if necessary, implement swift and precise sinkhole solutions on your property.

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