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In order to avoid erosion issues and significant storm damage, seaside houses are very often elevated on timber piles (or posts). Over time, however, these piles can become weathered, sink, or otherwise compromised. Replacing and re-enforcing these piles used to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor, but thanks to the innovative Ram Jack® Sandy Bracket system, this is no longer the case.

Ram Jack has been on the forefront of foundation repair since its founding more than 40 years ago. Since that time, our dedicated professionals and engineers have brought numerous new technologies to the industry and provided customers cutting-edge, long-lasting solutions. Ram Jack currently owns 12 patents, has filed for more than 20, and we continue to strive towards developing better, more efficient results for our clients.

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The Ram Jack Sandy Bracket System

One of the unique challenges in permanently raising a seaside house is that there was no uniformity to the timber piles that supported them. Some of them were round, others were square, and sizes varied. Ram Jack engineers tackled this issue with our Sandy Bracket-- a timber pile bracket that can permanently support and re-enforce both round and square piles. These brackets are installed via helical piles, which are driven deep into the ground for steady, long-lasting support.

What else makes the Sandy Bracket so special?

  • It allows for simultaneous lift using a hydraulic system
  • It is far less intrusive than other, traditional house raising solutions
  • It is cost-effective and permanent

Our Sandy Bracket system is just the latest example of the industry leading innovation Ram Jack is ready to offer to its customers. If you have a seaside property and are concerned about the condition of your timber piles, our dedicated foundation repair specialists are ready to speak with you.

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