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Have you noticed that the concrete surfaces of your patios and walkways have become uneven? Not only does this concrete slab movement reduce the aesthetic of your property, but it's also dangerous--these uneven surfaces are often the culprit for slip-and-fall accidents and injuries.

The experienced foundation repair professionals at Ram Jack® can offer numerous concrete slab repair services, including a method known as "mudjacking", to remedy uneven slabs. For more than four decades, Ram Jack has been setting the industry standard for safe, efficient, and cost-effective foundation repair that leaves homeowners with resilient, beautiful results crafted to last them years to come.

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*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

What Is "Mudjacking?"

Mudjacking (or "slabjacking" or "pressure grouting") is an effective way to provide a hydraulic lift to slabs that have shifted or sunken. This is frequently the result of soil settling beneath the slabs. Mudjacking was designed to reestablish stability under these slabs by injecting grout.

Mudjacking is the process of:

  • Drilling small holes through the compromised slab
  • Pumping grout (water and concrete mixture) into the hole
  • Ensuring that the grout dries and provides a hydraulic lift to the slab so it becomes level

Mudjacking is a relatively swift and noninvasive way to bring uniformity back to your concrete slabs. If your home or property is suffering from uneven patios or walkways, then your nearest Ram Jack center is ready to hear from you. One of our project managers can assess your property and, if needed, start the process of securing you lasting solutions.

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