Residential French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation

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French drains make sense for many properties dealing with exterior yard drainage issues. French drains, however, have a limited life span, which makes proper placement, high-quality materials, and precise installation extremely important. At Ram Jack®, our professionals are well-versed in the challenges these French drain projects present and have provided countless homeowners with installations primed for long life and effective drainage.

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How French Drains Work

French drains use a combination of trench work, gravel, and perforated piping to collect surface water and groundwater and divert it away from a property. The piping is installed at the bottom of a sloping trench and covered with the gravel.

Surface and groundwater can then be filtered by the gravel and funneled into the pipe. The water can then freely flow down the pipe incline until it is deposited somewhere off the property.

Blockages & Repair

It's important for homeowners to be vigilant about how well their French drain is working. Mud and sediment can build up in the gravel and clog the piping. Once clogged, water can build up and the hydrostatic pressure will find its way into your home if there isn’t a backup plan.

This water can erode the calcium, lime, and other minerals out of your cement, weakening the concrete—especially in cracks and the seams in the basement floor. Water that accumulates around the foundation because of French drain failure also creates pressure on basement walls which, over time, can crack or buckle.

Installation You Can Count On

We install French drains where they make sense. We may recommend a French drain and interior waterproofing system, as well, to ensure that you keep your basement dry and prevent erosion issues. If a large amount of water is a problem outside, it may be coming over the top of the foundation.

For French drain installations, inspections, and repair, you can count on Ram Jack to provide the service and construction you need. Contact our team today at (888) 330-2597 to request a professional estimate.

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