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Damaged driveways and sidewalks no doubt detract from lawn appeal. However, uneven concrete slabs are also a tripping hazard, posing danger to residents and visitors. Concrete slabs generally fail and sink when the soil beneath them settles, or is no longer able to support them. If left unrepaired, the slab will only become more damaged.

Ram Jack® understands that driveways and sidewalks are susceptible to many of the same forces that create foundation issues. We've helped countless homeowners across the country repair unsightly and potentially hazardous cracks in their driveway and sidewalks, leaving them with safe, rock solid results.

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Repairing Driveway & Sidewalk Slabs

Ram Jack incorporates a reliable slab lift solution to repair damaged driveways and sidewalks. A driveway or sidewalk slab lift is both the fastest and most inexpensive solution for a damaged slab. Slab lift is designed to do two things: strengthen soil conditions and lift concrete slabs.

This is how it works:

  • We drill holes through the slabs to access the soil underneath
  • We inject polyurethane foam into the drilled holes
  • The foam solution hydraulically raises the slab back to a stable level

Ram Jack’s slab lifting method is fast and minimally invasive. In most cases, the failing slab can be repaired in a single day, posing little inconvenience to you as a homeowner.

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  • Ram Jack "Besides being very knowledgeable about what they were doing, these men have an admirable pride and professionalism in their work (Foundation Repair). They worked fast and hard, and the end result was even better than we expected."

    Karen D. And Buddy H.

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    Lee Sinclair

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