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Crawlspace Repair

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Pier and beam homes, generally referred to as crawlspace homes, present an interesting twist on foundation failure. While many homes will still experience perimeter settlement of the foundation, the interior of the home is often where we see the most movement. This is largely due to initial construction and soil conditions, and it can lead to the need for crawl space repair. Ram Jack® professionals are ready to bring numerous, industry-leading techniques to your crawlspace issue and provide you lasting solutions and peace of mind.

*Not all locations offer this specialized service.

Crawlspace Repair

Pier and beam repair

The piers and beams in a crawlspace are made of wood, which means they're vulnerable to warping, infestation, and weakening over time. Soil movement can also compromise the integrity and strength of the vertical piers.

Rot repair

Because crawlspaces are made of wood, they're often susceptible to different kinds of rot (like dry rot). Our professionals are well-versed in identifying rotting wood and replacing and reinforcing affected beams, joists, etc.

Shim work

Shims are wood or steel reinforcements that are placed in a crawlspace to provide additional support where existing piers and beams may be failing. This is often a temporary fix (due to soil movement), but our foundation repair experts can provide you with more resilient options, as well—including the installation of helical piles in place of your existing concrete block footings.


Because moisture is often the culprit for crawlspace issues, it can be beneficial to create a barrier between it and the elements. Ram Jack can provide you encapsulation options designed to keep your crawlspace dry and healthy for years to come.


Conditioning service is often paired with encapsulation. Conditioning systems can ensure that dry air circulates and prevents moisture (dew) buildup in the warmer months.


If water intrusion is a real concern for your crawlspace (and it is for many), then waterproofing may be the recommended option. Our Ram Jack professionals can walk you through our crawlspace waterproofing options and efficiently install solutions.

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