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Have you ever considered waterproofing your home’s crawl space? Maybe it’s time. Below is a before and after photo to show the difference Ram Jack can make!


Crawl spaces don’t usually get much thought by most homeowners. But what happens in this space can have a great effect on the rest of your home, including the health of everyone living in the house above it.

If your crawl space has leaks and moisture inside, insects (including termites) can be present, and the dampness can cause mold and mildew to grow. These problems can spread to the rest of the house and cause health problems to the occupants, in addition to structural damage.

Six Components to a Complete Crawl Space Waterproofing System

Moisture Barriers​​​​​​


Moisture barriers are non-porous products applied to the interior of the foundation. All moisture and vapor is prevented from entering the interior of the basement. A basement waterproofed without moisture barriers will continue to have moisture and dampness on the interior walls.



Diverters establish and maintain open water pathways to direct any and all water into a drainage system. Diverter products relieve hydrostatic pressure by facilitating water flow and removing resistance. Waterproofing systems without diverters are easily overwhelmed when heavy rainfall occurs.


undefined​​​​Drainage products are placed under the floor in the basement to collect and discharge all storm water from the basement. It is very important that the drain system can accommodate a high volume of water. An undersized drain system won’t be able to handle the demand during heavy rainfall and flooding will occur.

Sump Pumps


All water must be properly discharged from the drain system. A pumping system is installed to remove all collected water from the structure. It is important to have a pump that is capable of removing the volume of water collected by the system. If a sump pump cannot meet the demands of the system, basement flooding occurs.

Back-up Pumps


A backup system takes over pumping duties whenever power service is disrupted. Without a backup system, flooding will occur when power to the home is disrupted. A proper backup system will maintain the required pumping capacity of the system until power is restored.

Structural Repair


The foundation walls must be inspected for any damage caused by hydrostatic pressure. If there is damage, the integrity of the entire foundation could be at risk. By permanently repairing any damage, the foundation will remain structurally sound.

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