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The key element in any well-supported home is a solid foundation—and that starts from the ground up. Foundations are meant to be strong, but when seasonal changes cause soils to shift, foundations lose stability. This can ultimately lead to serious structural problems, creating the need for repairs.

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Recognizing Foundation Failure

One of the most common symptoms of foundation failure is cracking in walls or flooring. You can monitor the extent of the cracking by measuring and comparing the crack sizes over time. If the cracking becomes larger, chances are your foundation is in need of stabilization. Repairing the cosmetic issues will only let the flaws in the foundation become worse and prolong the inevitable.

Stabilizing a Failing Foundation

Your home is an important investment, so only the highest quality repairs should be made to keep it in good condition. Symptoms of foundation failure are not only unsightly; they indicate deeper, structural issues. Contacting a foundation repair expert to determine the extent of the damages will allow you to preserve your investment.

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The Ram Jack System

Over the years, Ram Jack has vigorously tested its foundation repair solutions. The result is an engineered, reliable system that stabilizes failing foundations permanently. From start to finish, Ram Jack maintains a strict quality control in order to deliver professional results to homeowners all over the country. Our patented piling lift system drives piles to load-bearing strata with 70,000 pounds of force behind them. This ensures that the piles remain static and prevents foundation settlement from worsening.

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