Residential Retaining Wall & Seawall Repair

Retaining Wall & Seawall Repair

Effective Wall Repairs from Experienced Foundation Specialists

Whether you are in need of a retaining wall or seawall repair, our experienced Ram Jack® professionals have proven methods to provide professional and quality solutions. Ram Jack has been preserving the integrity of homes all over the country for more than 40 years. We have roughly 400 licensed, experienced, and dedicated foundation repair specialists nationwide ready to offer you cutting-edge solutions to repair and safeguard your property.

We're ready to assess your home and offer solutions you can trust for a lifetime. Contact us at (888) 330-2597 for a professional estimate.

Retaining Wall Solutions

Ram Jack’s helical piles can stabilize and support failing retaining walls. In order to provide maximum stability, our piles are installed at the necessary angle for your situation in a battered array. The piles are installed into the ground on one end and attached to the retaining wall on the other using specialized brackets. This allows the piles to resist lateral pressure, which builds up from soils pressing against the wall over time. In some cases, helical tieback anchors can be used to achieve stabilization.

Seawall Solutions

Seawall integrity is critical for seaside properties that need to stay above sea level and avoid soil erosion. If you suspect your seawall is in need of repairs, it is recommended you contact a professional to examine your property as soon as possible.

How to know if your seawall is in need of repair:

  • Is the seawall moving away at the top or cap?
  • Are there signs of soil washing out from behind the wall?
  • Is the wall bowing or bulging in the middle from excess pressure buildup?
  • Is the wall kicking out at the bottom?
  • Is the seawall moving away from the deck?

All of these issues can indicate a loss of soil containment, which can negatively impact your property, as well as the quality of sea life. Not correcting the issues may cause damage to the surrounding environment.

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Innovative, Patent Pending Solutions

Aging and failed seawalls often need repairs. While this may necessitate replacement, many local, state and federal regulations favor repair over replacement. Ram Jack Seawall Solutions offers a patent pending method of repair for concrete, metal, wood, and vinyl seawalls. Our high-strength carbon steel tiebacks can hold up to 20,000 pounds of force. The system can, in many instances, return crooked and leaning seawalls to their former, post installation position.

In the past, expensive replacements were the only option. Tying the seawall back with conventional methods means future failure. With the Ram Jack system, however, you don’t have to worry about future repairs. Ram Jack is one of the only companies that offers an affordable, permanent solution for a failed seawall.

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For years, Ram Jack has led the industry in foundation repair and is known for the engineering that goes into every product developed. Our retaining wall and seawall solutions continue this trend and provide solid, lasting support.

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