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Leaning Chimney Repair

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A chimney that is leaning not only detracts from a home’s appeal, but also indicates that deeper issues are present. This type of problem is most often a result of either foundation or structural damage. Although not every situation is the same, an unstable chimney will either lean away from a house, or onto a house or roof.

If your chimney is leaning, then the time to speak to a professional is now. Ram Jack® offers more than 40 years of foundation repair experience. Call us at (888) 330-2597 today.

Identifying the Problem

To determine what is causing your chimney to lean, take a look at the angle. A chimney that appears to be falling onto a house (or roof) indicates that serious structural problems exist. A chimney that is leaning away from a house or appears to be falling onto a yard indicates foundation issues.

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Causes of Chimney Failure

There are some common reasons why chimneys lean away from houses. While these causes vary, they all indicate a significant problem that homeowners should take seriously and seek to repair sooner rather than later.

Causes of chimney failure include:

  • Shallow or inferior footings
  • Insufficient drainage or water management
  • Under-compacted or inferior soils underneath chimney

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Repairing a Leaning Chimney

In order to protect your home from damage caused by a leaning chimney, it’s important to have a professional repair the problem. Ram Jack’s helical piles are ideal for stabilizing and repairing failing chimneys.

Once a repair plan is created, we will install our piles deep into the soil beneath the leaning chimney. Then, a hydraulic jack will lift the chimney back to a stable level and the chimney will be attached to the piles via brackets. This will ensure that the chimney remains upright and does not pose any more danger. Waiting to make these repairs will only cause more damage over time and create the risk of chimney collapse.

There is a danger in waiting to make these kind of repairs—but Ram Jack is ready to help. Call us today at (888) 330-2597 to request a professional estimate.

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